venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

The Befana

Hi to all  :D
The Befana is a traditional Italian feast is celebrated on January 6, the night when the children hang stockings over the fireplace (or where they can) to pass during the night the Befana (a good but very ugly old woman dressed in rags riding a broom ) and fills them with candy and little surprises if they have been good, or coal (sweet food) if they have behaved badly. I tried to recreate this feast in the game (even if they lack all interactions). Hope you like it :)

My family consists of a single mother and her two small children January 6 received as every year visit the Befana its appearance is not very reassuring, but it is a really sweet person and loves children, so after a chat with the mom, go to greet the kids to play and joke with them and of course to fill the stockings!!

"The Befana comes by night
with broken shoes
crosses all the roofs
port dolls and dragees »

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