mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

Psyche: Angel Genius

Psyche's dad , Άγγελος, was an angel who fell hopelessly in love with a "mortal" woman (even if she was a bit special), so he decided to give up on the heaven for her. Her mum , Aφροδίτη, was a woman of a huge beauty, comparable only with her kindness, because of her devotion to save poor and marginalized people in the whole Greece; she recieved some special power from the sky, unfortunately she died while she was giving birth to her, so Psyche never knew her. Άγγελος was going mad for the pain of his lover's death. Someone says that he's still going around the streets, looking for his bride. We can't say Psyche's life started over a "good star", her grandmother Μινέρβα grew her, but she took her on the desert island of FragkosNisida because she wanted to protect her from people's words and her dad's madness. On the Island Μινέρβα ordered a group of masons and architets to built a huge luxurious house quickly. Psyche grew up here, with her grandmother's care and teatchings, in the untouched nature, soon a white unicorn called Pegasus became her best friend. The beauty of the place and animal's friendship on the island didn't miss, the knowledge didn't miss too, her grandmother (who came from a noble family) taught her every single and possible thing, but all that knowledge and all that beauty, while she was growing up, didn't close the hole created by her parents and all the possible relationships with humans (except for her grandmother, obviously). From the teenage she started to think about where they come from and to daydream about meeting other humans, her biggest wish was to meet a man, 'cause she has never seen one of them. Then the day of her grandmother arrived, because of her elderly age. Psyche was destroyed by the pain, she had stopped eating and sleeping for a week, then she became stronger, so she decided to go throught the countries for meeting someone else, she wanted human contact. She rummaged on her grandmother's forbidden books and found some geographical maps, she looked for supplies, took with her Pegasus and then the journey started... Thanks to Elena Bordoni for your kind translation

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